Project Schedule and Estimating Activity Duration


This week our task is to locate useful resources that will be helpful in estimating costs, time and/or activity length associated with Project manager instructional design projects. After searching online for different resources for estimating project cost and budgeting. I found Microsoft project which had great tips on how to prepare a budget. There five simple steps to follow to prepared your project. It would be one of the tools I think I will use to prepared by budget because it breaks down the budget by pay rate, cost per use, fixed costs, task and resources.

Microsoft Project:

The second resource I found is Wrike. Wrike is an online tool for project management and work collaboration. Wrike incorporates, task management, interactive Gantt chart, workload management, time-tracker, email integration, custom Fields, iPhone and Android apps, customized reports, Discussions, real-time newsfeed, document collaboration, box, dropbox, and Google Drive integration. It’s a great tool that can help the PM bridged the gap from project planning and actual work. With Wrike integrated tools it could help you to easily handle and monitor projects, tasks, deadlines, and other schedules.

Wrike: an online platform that features project tools like Gantt Charts, time sheets, resource tracking, task tracking, real-time dashboards, and collaboration features. The online and the mobile app are geared for all levels of users.

Project Manager:

The last resources I want to share is Bright Hub. This site gives methods for organizing your financial plan and templates to help facilitate the life of the project manager. The template that is given appears to be exceptionally essential and simple to utilize. They also given tips on what ought to be included and not into the budget. This is a great starting point for any project manager.

Bright hub:


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2 thoughts on “Project Schedule and Estimating Activity Duration

  1. Madeline,
    Thanks for sharing those resources. When I did my search I also found the Wrike site. I think most of the sites that offer project management tools/online software provide a lot of the same features. When looking for a tool to help with managing a project, like anything else, you would need to shop around and find something that fits the size of your project and wallet. One of the sites I found (PROJECTinsight) offered three different tiers in their pricing.
    One thing that I like about all the sites and tools available, they look very user friendly. Just input your information and the plan or chart will be created.


  2. Madeline,

    I enjoyed looking at the three sites you shared. I do have to admit I found the Bright Hub kind of confusing. I wanted to play around with their software but I couldn’t figure out where to begin. The Wrike site was very user friendly and I think I will be investigating that one further. Thank you for sharing.


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