Communicating Effectively


To communicate effectively, you need to be aware that communication is not just exchanging information. You also need to consider the emotion and intentions under the information. Effective communication is not just how you deliver the message. It is also how the message is received and understood by the person precisely the way you intended. Also how you hear the meaning of what is said and how you let the other person know that you heard and understood. Therefore, a project manager should be able to communicate effectively with all the project members because it is essential for a project’s success.

For this week’s assignment, we had to view a multimedia program about “The Art of Effective Communication” and reflect on a coworker message received in three different modalities. Email, voicemail and in person. The first message received was in an email format. The email sent by Jane was clear and straightforward.   She was following up on a missing report Mark needed to send her because it had data she needs to finish her report before the deadline. The email had a sense of urgency, but in a professional manner and clearly stating that she was aware of his other responsibilities which might have prevented him from sending the missing report.

The second message delivered in a voicemail format. In the voicemail message Jane’s voice came across as a being annoyed, and you could also hear her frustration. Besides, you could hear and feel the urgency in her voice. Although you hear her say I know you are in a meeting and perhaps busy, what I heard was I don’t care, I need this data now to finish my report because thanks to you know I might miss my deadline.

The final message was delivered in a face-to-face format. In this delivery format, you could see Jane facial expression and see that she is not annoyed, but that she is just in need of the data to deliver her report on time. You can see that she didn’t want to bother him, but she needs just the data that he could perhaps share immediately instead of the full report.

In my opinion, the voicemail and face to face format had the best communication approach. Maybe in the message, Jane could have asked Mark to call her back. My reasoning is that Mark could respond and deliver the data needed in the email as well as handed her the report during the face to face meeting. Stolovitch states that communication is not just words. Effective communication is influenced by spirit and attitude, tonality and body language, timing and the personality of the recipient. (Laureate Education, Inc., n.d.). “Effective communication is the glue that helps you deepen your connections to others and improve teamwork, decision-making, and problem-solving. It enables you to communicate even negative or difficult messages without creating conflict or destroying trust.” (Robinson, Segal, & Smith, December 2016).


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4 thoughts on “Communicating Effectively

  1. I enjoyed reading your analogy, it is hard when you know someone is very busy and you really don’t want to add to that stress but personally you are getting stressed out yourself because of deadlines that must be met. Perhaps she could have offered him some help if possible. This project reflect on how different forms of communication should be considered when dealing with subjects that might have an emotional impact.

    Cynthia Thomas


  2. Your first two sentences are very powerful. I don’t think a lot of people give thought about their intent before jumping into a communication with someone else. It is important before having that conversation to figure out what is it you want to get from the conversation? What is your intent?


  3. I enjoyed reading your post,
    I personally believe that face to face communication is powerful and in the case of a project, that needs to be followed by by an email. What are your views?


  4. I loved your post. The following sentence really had a big impact on me: “It is also how the message is received and understood by the person precisely the way you intended.” My perception of the messages in the three different modalities was completely different than yours. That’s why I feel it is critical to think about how your message will be received and interpreted by the recipient.


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