My connections facilitate learning.

connect.pngLearning is a process of linking specialized knots or information sources. “A learner can exponentially improve their own learning by plugging into an existing network.” (Description of Connectivism). After posting my mind map, I can see how my connections have expanded over the years. The connections have facilitated my learning; my network has changed the way I learned because I can connect with others and learned from their experience. “Learning and knowledge rest in diversity of opinions.” (Description of Connectivism).   I have more access to information from all over the world and from different backgrounds.

The digital tools that best facilitate learning for me are the internet and group interactions or socializing. There’s so much information available with just one click. I can learn by going into different blogs, or read articles or connect with social media. Learning occurs in many diverse ways. Courses, email, communities, conversations, web search, email lists, reading blogs, etc. We do not learn only in a classroom setting.

You gain new knowledge when you have questions because you are learning new information that you had an interest in or didn’t know. There’s also a possibility that you will have other questions from gaining the knowledge you didn’t have at first, and the learning will continue. Organizational and personal learning are a joined tasks. “Individual knowledge is part of a network, which feeds into organizations and institutions, which in turn feed back into the network and continue to provide learning for the individual. Connectivism attempts to provide an understanding of how both learners and organizations learn.” (Description of Connectivism).

My personal learning network support connectivism in many ways. I learned by interacting with co-workers, trainers and collaborating with the classmate. “Learning is a process of connecting specialized nodes or information sources. A learner can exponentially improve their own learning by plugging into an existing network.” (Description of Connectivism). Decision-making is a learning process. Choosing what to learn and the meaning of incoming information and seeing it through the lens of ever-changing reality. While there is a right answer now, it may be wrong tomorrow due to adaptations in the information environment impacting the decision.



Description of Connectivism

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